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cleaning service

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Intense cleaning service package to suit your unique needs

Duration 2 hour


Price  $200  $150

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Standard 1-2 bedrooms apartment


Premium cleaning services

Is there a cleaning service that can impress the most demanding? Yes, we have created it! You no longer have to choose between time-limited or high-quality cleaning services because we introduce our premium cleaning services designed to care for busy individuals like you.


Our supreme offer is a hassle-free cleaning experience that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule and has the highest standards for cleaning and comfort! It's a Premium cleaning service that takes only 2 hours! 


Despite the space size and furnishing, we'll take care of your apartments and furniture in the most recording time. Except for your calm and relaxation, the premium cleaning package already includes the most demanding cleaning:

Bathroom Cleaning

Clean and disinfect surfaces

Clean and disinfect toilet inside out

Dust blinds, and lock ledges

Dust surfaces

Empty trash

Remove rugs and wastebaskets

Rinse off walls of the tub and dry with cloth

Shine fixtures

Shine the faucets

Vacuum and damp mop floors

Wipe down cabinet fronts

Bedroom Cleaning

Dust baseboards, door panels, and chair rails

Dust furniture

Dust surfaces

Dust the blinds

Flip the mattress

Fold laundry and put in the dresser

Make the bed

Vacuum carpets

Dining Room Cleaning

Clean light fixtures

Dust and polish furniture

Dust curtain rods

Mop and vacuum the floor

Wipe walls

Kitchen Cleaning

Clean and disinfect the dishwasher

Clean and disinfect the microwave

Clean and disinfect the sink

Dust the surfaces

Dust the top of the refrigerator

Empty trash

Spot clean cabinet fronts

Sweep and mop the floor

Vacuum and damp mop the floor

Wipe down countertops and cabinets

Wipe down the stovetop

Laundry Room Cleaning

Mop the floor

Organize laundry supplies

Living Room Cleaning

Clean window sills

Dust and clean décor

Dust and clean lamp shades

Dust the blinds

Dust windows frame

Sanitize remote controls

Vacuum chairs

You can also order additional service

Extra garbage $15 per bag 

Laundry $10 per pound  

Cleaning fan’s dust $15

Clean windows inside room $15 per each 

Clean balcony, or patio  $50

Clean grill on patio $35 

Clean kitchen cabinets, $5 each

No more additional attention, services, or extra payments! No more colossal time investment!


You deserve the cleaning not to take from you more than placing an online appointment. Leave the rest to our team. Highly trained professionals will care for all your cleaning needs, leaving your home brilliantly clean. Just order and enjoy!


One hour cleaning is very selective for cleaning masters to cooperate. So be sure that our expert team is equipped with the most profound knowledge, innovative techniques and tools tailored to your specific needs. Even if it comes with the most delicate and valuable items in your home. So whether you have antique furniture, soft upholstery, or expensive artwork, we have the expertise to clean and maintain them to the highest standard. 


We understand the value of your safety and comfort. Our mission is to ensure it's treated with the maximum cautiousness and attention. During the premium cleaning, our experts use only the highest quality products to protect your precious materials and furniture from damage or wear. If you have any inconvenience or allergies - inform our manager about them and we will do our best to meet your product requests.


Two hours to total clean, easy service appointment process, the most comprehensive list of already included services, dedicated cleaning experts, and a friendly team - so we put them all together in a premium cleaning product for you to relax and enjoy stress-free life without any thoughts of dust and grime.


So why wait? Try our premium cleaning services today and experience the difference! Contact us now to schedule your premium cleaning service!

Our other Services

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One hour cleaning. Total space cleaning for your confidence, health and comfort.

Duration 1 hour

Price  $145  $99

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Revive your space with our top-to-bottom deep cleaning service

Duration and Price depends on the request

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