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Revive your space with our top-to-bottom deep cleaning service

Duration and Price depends on the request

Deep cleaning services

We all often stand the moments when day-to-day cleaning is no longer up to the task, and the next level of house cleaning is necessary. 

It comes when post-construction cleaning, move-in residential cleaning, or the whole house, including the garage and windows, must look new again. Then, you may feel overwhelmed and stressed by the countless hours and cleaning tasks ahead. But instead, it's better to get the professional support of a skilled and experienced deep cleaning service team. 

Moreover, with a One Hour Cleaning team, you can enjoy deep cleaning results starting in two hours, depending on the space area! Explore the most time-saving deep cleaning service in Florida ever!

Deep Cleaning Package from One Hour Cleaning is the widest list of services for long-lasting clean, anti-allergens, and other harmful particles, and comfortable and safe accommodations throughout your space. Our Deep Cleaning Package already includes the following:

Bathroom Cleaning

Apply tile and groat cleaner to shower floor and scrub

Clean and disinfect surfaces

Clean and disinfect toilet inside out

Clean shower track

Dust blinds, or shower curtain

Dust surfaces

Empty trash

Place bath mat in tub/shower

Remove everything froms the shower

Remove rugs and wastebaskets

Replace rugs and mats

Rinse off the walls of the tub and dry with cloth

Scrub the sink

Shine fixtures

Shine the faucets

Vacuum and damp mop floors

Wipe down cabinet fronts

Bedroom Cleaning

Clean window sills

Dust baseboards, door panels, and chair rails

Dust furniture

Dust surfaces

Dust the blinds

Flip the mattress

Fold laundry and put in the dresser

Make the bed

Shampoo rugs and carpet

Vacuum carpets

Dining Room Cleaning

Clean light fixtures

Clean window sills

Dust and polish furniture

Dust curtain rods

Mop and vacuum the floor

Wipe walls

Garage Cleaning

Clean the door frame

Clean the windows

Declutter tools, toys, and sporting equipment

Open the garage door to air out space

Sweep the floor

Laundry Room Cleaning

Clean dryer vent

Clean lint trap

Clean the washing machine

Cleaning a Dryer Lint Trap

Mop the floor

Organize laundry supplies

Wipe the walls

Living Room Cleaning

Clean ceiling fans

Clean window sills

Dust and clean décor

Dust and clean lamp shades

Dust the blinds

Dust the windows

Sanitize remote controls

Shampoo rugs and carpets

Vacuum chairs

Wash slipcovers

Throughout the House Cleaning

Clean air vents and registers

Clean light fixtures

Remove cobwebs

Replace light bulbs as needed

Sanitize door handles

Sanitize light switches

Test and replace smoke alarms

Vacuum upholstered furniture

Deep cleaning is the ultimate solution for apartment and residential house owners who face challenges in cleaning every inch of their home, from the ceiling to the floor. A deep cleaning service helps solve the problem while cleaning additional areas, such as laundry, garage, or storage. Starting from just two hours of our deep cleaning service, you will say goodbye to dirt, dust, and grime accumulated in your home spaces for years.

Our deep cleaning service is a must-have decision for allergy sufferers, elderly persons, families with kids, and anyone who wants to breathe easier and live healthier. One Hour Cleaning experts use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products that effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, and allergens that can cause illness and respiratory problems. Besides, we cover all special equipment, techniques, and professional window-cleaner insurance needs. So there is no more for you to worry about during the cleaning!

A deep cleaning service from One Hour Cleaning will remove all the clutter and grime from your house! We'll renovate the home's true beauty and leave you with a sparkling clean you can be proud of.

Don't hesitate! Contact us now to explore our cleaning expertise for your specific needs and preferences!

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