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cleaning service

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One hour cleaning. Total space cleaning for your confidence, health and comfort.

Duration 1 hour


Price  $145  $99

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Standard 1-2 bedrooms apartment


Basic cleaning services

Today's world is too speedy to let cleaning stress you out in time. Besides, there are too many other matters in life that demand your attention except for never-ending cleaning tasks.

One hour cleaning is a revolutionary service that is always on the side of your health, comfort, and time savings. Busy work schedules, family responsibilities, social obligations, physical limitations or special event occasions? Our professional cleaning service is just near to take the house keeping burden off your shoulders in just an

Our unique solution is One hour residential cleaning. Despite the circumstances, apartment size, and complexity of space! Give us an hour, and we'll take all the cleaning routine on us!

A tidy and safe house it's not an advantage. It's a certain standard of living. That's why Our Basic One hour cleaning package already includes the most popular services for making a clean and healthy living environment for you and your beloved.

Bathroom Cleaning

Clean and disinfect surfaces
Clean and disinfect toilet inside out
Dust surfaces
Empty trash
Rinse off walls of the tub and dry with cloth
Vacuum and damp mop floors
Wipe down cabinet fronts

Bedroom Cleaning

Dust baseboards, door panels, and chair rails
Dust furniture
Dust surfaces
Vacuum carpets

Dining Room Cleaning

Clean light fixtures
Dust curtain rods
Mop and vacuum the floor
Wipe walls

Kitchen Cleaning

Clean and disinfect the sink
Dust the surfaces
Dust the top of the refrigerator
Empty trash
Spot clean cabinet fronts
Sweep and mop the floor
Vacuum and damp mop the floor
Wipe down countertops and cabinets
Wipe down the stovetop

Laundry Room Cleaning

Mop the floor

Living Room Cleaning

Dust and clean décor
Dust and clean lamp shades
Dust the blinds
Sanitize remote controls
Vacuum chairs

You can also order additional service

Extra garbage $15 per bag 

Laundry $10 per pound  

Cleaning fan’s dust $15

Clean windows inside room $15 per each 

Clean balcony, or patio  $50

Clean grill on patio $35 

Clean kitchen cabinets, $5 each

Be sure, you don't need to list extra items to be cleaned. Carpet cleaning, cleaning furniture, disinfecting surfaces, dust baseboards and door panels are already on the cleaning-must-do list of our cleaning experts! As other hundred actions for your best live performance. 

So if the brilliant house is our basic standard, what is our advantage? Our innovation is our professional team, who needs just an hour to transform your living area into a sparkling space!

Our Basic One Hour cleaning package is the best solution for move-in or move-out cleaning service, one-time residential cleaning, cleaning up for elderly caregivers, house cleaning before a significant event, or after party cleaning solution. It covers most cleaning standards and sanitizing needs, which our cleaning masters will perform only for one hour due to our revolutionary approach to cleaning and techniques.

Hire a Basic One Hour cleaning service, and forget the stress and frustration while keeping up with daily cleaning tasks. Experience the best deep cleaning service in Florida. Trust us, and you won't regret it!

Our other Services

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Intense cleaning service package to suit your unique needs

  Duration 2 hours

Price  $200  $150

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Revive your space with our top-to-bottom deep cleaning service

Duration and Price depends on the request

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