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Welcome to the One Hour Cleaning!

Whether you are a busy professional, a busy parent, or just a person who values your time, we are here to help clean your space quickly and effectively. 

At One Hour Cleaning we understand how much your time is priceless. So our mission is to create a revolutionary cleaning service experience for people who appreciate their time and want to make the most of it.

With years of experience in the cleaning industry, we know that choosing a good cleaning service can turn into a headache for clients. They often worry about cleaning time, convenient schedules, unexpected costs, or counting every item that needs to be cleaned. 

That's why once we decided to change the industry. Want to know how? We have created cleaning services as stress-free as possible for you.

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Our revolution is one-hour cleaning. We brought together the values we appreciate ourselves: easy to clean, easy to order, easy to estimate, and easy to pay. 

No making a lot of time to get cleaned! We clean up starting from one hour, whatever the space size! 

No hidden costs or unexpected expenses. We offer a transparent pricing plan from basic to premium that fits your needs and budget.

No more counting items! Our experienced cleaners know exactly what must be done to ensure your space is clean and tidy. So, whether it's a messy kitchen, a cluttered living room, or a dusty bedroom, we've got you covered.

No more waiting! Our customer support is ready to handle your orders 24/7.

Today, we are proud to be able to clean up your space in a way that goes unnoticed, allowing you the freedom to focus on what matters most. However, we guarantee that our cleaning results will be noticeable, leaving your space fresh, clean, tidy, and inviting in just an hour.

We are flexible in cleaning products to work with. Whenever you need something special for allergies, kids' spaces, pets or want cleaning services to be provided with your chemicals? Just let us know while ordering. We use the most advanced cleaning techniques and equipment to ensure that your space is spotless in no time. For years of work, we've built a reputation as reliable, trustworthy, and friendly cleaning partners.

Developing a One Hour Cleaning service, we believe that keeping your space clean should be a worry-free experience. That's why we strive to offer our customers a friendly and cute cleaning service that puts their minds at ease.

So if you're ready for your best experience with a hassle-free cleaning service, contact us today! Discover how we can help you keep your apartments clean and fresh in just an hour!


We can't wait to hear from you now!

Our most popular Services

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Basic cleaning

One hour cleaning. Total space cleaning for your confidence, health and comfort.

Duration 1 hour

Price  $145  $99

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Premium cleaning

Intense cleaning service package to suit your unique needs

 Duration 2 hours

Price  $200  $150

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